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engagement_ringThe day comes in everybody’s life when you are ready to take the next step and propose to your love of life. This is as special as the day you were born and hence to keep it special and make it authentic the best way to propose is known to be by offering the engagement ring to your partner. This is the first entity in history to prove its worth among all. It holds the significance and symbolism of love, commitment, fidelity, eternity and honor.

Greeks have first brought this idea of bringing wedding bands and engagement rings to get prior notification from your partner’s side. Romans loved this idea and complemented the idea with more honor and specific symbolism. Many places, engagement rings were considered as the most respectable symbol of love one can give to his life partner. Engagement rings are great souvenirs when it comes to engaging the interest of your beloved partner. Make it a lifetime moment and get the best kinds of engagement rings. There are various kinds of collection available under this section. Some of the most desirable and loved ones are as follows:



Vintage Engagement Rings

They say that old is gold and veteran choices are the dominant rulers whether it a regular choice or a special choice like the engagement rings. The allure of vintage engagement rings stands out from all. When it comes to jewelry, you have to know about your choice and what exactly you are looking for or else you end up paying a hefty amount which is not even worth it. Talking about vintage engagement rings, they have to follow certain points which make them eligible to come under vintage collection. These points are as follows:

  • Time – Vintage engagement rings have to follow the time bound that makes it an old version of the domicile. Generally, the rings are 30 to 50 years old. After 50 years, it is considered as an antique item.
  • Character – There is always a character and a story attached with every vintage engagement ring in true sense. Get to know this well before finalizing your buy.
  • Budget – Whatever is the case, your vintage engagement ring is not going to be there with you at a normal price. Either you will have to pay a hefty amount or a collectible amount. Make sure you want the ring if you are investing such an amount in it.
  • Style – Vintage engagement rings have a bulky frame usually containing a big stone. This kind of style needs to suite your partner’s choice. Make sure that you are getting a good buy for lifetime.

Finding these vintage engagement rings is one of the difficult takes. Estate sales are one of the famous places where you can find this ring. Vintage jewelry auctions are also a great place to find these rings. Trading is the next option for you to get the best memorable moment for your love. Engagement rings have recently been famous due to their inherited domicile. You an also find it close by side as your mother would have kept her original years long ring for this special day. Everybody wants to make it special on this big day and vintage collection is the best way to make it memorable for life.

Old is gold forever and in case of vintage engagement rings it is surely the case of getting the best among the rest. With style it also brings a sentimentality which is the most unique part of its nature. You can even get you old ring redesigned and then place custom order to make it your partner’s vintage engagement ring for lifetime.

images taken from http://media.tumblr.com/

images taken from http://media.tumblr.com/

Diamond Engagement Rings

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend and no doubt about the fact that they love to have it as much as they can. This is the reason why they expect diamond engagement ring on their special day. The symbolism of love and closeness, engagement is the day when you take vows and make sure about your choices and commit to each other. This is attended by friends and relatives but most important is that it is your special day. Surely you would like to have everything according to your choice. As far as the groom goes, it is important to know about her partner’s preference in particular.

images taken from http://www.sylviecollection.com/

images taken from http://www.sylviecollection.com/

Diamond engagement rings are popular from a long time. They are dazzling and enthrall every girl’s mood and make them feel special. Some of the most popular choices in this range are as follows:

  • Solitaire diamond engagement ring – Among diamonds, some of the stones are everyone’s favorite. Solitaire comes under this category only. Being one of the popular choices, it is a bulgy single stone most of the times with no inclusion of detailed working. It is suitable for those who like to show off the big classic diamond engagement ring and love to have it.
images taken from http://mdcdiamonds.com/

images taken from http://mdcdiamonds.com/

  • White diamond engagement rings – The safest choice and perhaps the most common one too, white diamond is the most preferable engagement rings as well. This is because of their authentic deliverance and presence in the society as the most common and lovable one. This can be easily found in the market with original American White diamond or more authentic silver diamond.
images taken from http://gregghelfer.com/

images taken from http://gregghelfer.com/

  • Pink diamond engagement rings – This is uniquely formed as well as cherished in a special way. Experts say that these are made with specific and extreme forces. This in turn makes it beautiful and pink in color. Engagement rings in pink diamond cost a lot and are just like a lifetime buy. They are very rare and surely one of the most costly ones in the world, like Kohinoor diamond.
images taken from http://www.weddingku.pro/

images taken from http://www.weddingku.pro/

These are some of the most famous diamond engagement rings categories. Before choosing according to your choice, you should also focus on their quality factors like the following:

  • Carat weight
  • Cut design
  • Clarity level
  • Color

Find the best suitable diamond for yourself or your partner and make your life memorable for lifetime. Along with that, there are other kinds of engagement rings in the market. These are as important to know as not everyone likes to go regular with their choice.

Unique engagement rings

When it is your engagement day, you feel like you are the most special person in this world and what’s happening to you is completely out of this world which nobody went through. Well, that is a natural reaction from everyone and to make you feel better there are actually ways to make it unique in real. Certainly you are not going to marry an alien for that but you are going to have the most unique engagement ring for your special bonding day.

Unique engagement rings are a popular choice by people in today’s modern world. This is due to the redundancy level in the products known as rings. Every pattern is almost same to each other and there is nothing new to count the factor of uniqueness. Some of the most popular inclusions in this list are as follows:

  • Mokume – Swirl finish, mixed metals, marble like appearance and many more unique things are there in this ring. Coming from ancient Japan, this concept of design has been popular in the newer design concepts of the modern day engagement rings.
images taken from http://www.jameslynn-goldsmith.com/

images taken from http://www.jameslynn-goldsmith.com/

  • Interlocking – Symbolic in nature, this represents two souls coming together to form a single sculpture that in engraved in the ring. Symbolizing the true commitment and celebrating the togetherness, interlocking engagement rings are fun to wear and more fun to show off.
images taken from www.josephjewelry.com

images taken from www.josephjewelry.com

  • Tribal – This is a culture related specific engagement ring following a ritual or a culture in itself. Popular ones include Faith rings, Hope rings, and many more. These originate from the old and ancient origins of culture. For example, Japan, India, and other nations have their tribal rings symbolizing togetherness and bonding.
images taken from http://cdn.endofretail.com/

images taken from http://cdn.endofretail.com/

These unique trends are cultivating in a bigger way to make it more interesting and provide a unique domicile for all. Apart from this, the last most famous kind of engagement ring is mentioned below as the final piece of nail in the board.

Rose cut engagement rings

Finally, the last but one of the most engaging ones in the category of engagement rings rose cut engagement rings are a conclusion of almost every category mentioned above. It is unique as well as diamond cut along with being the classic vintage collection item. Rose cut engagement rings are specially made to design rings which feature all the great combinations of design, color, clarity, authenticity, and culture with a perfect choice.

Rose cut engagement rings are famous for its beautiful carving and the way it is loved by the bride. This is probably more beautiful than the bride itself. As mentioned earlier, it is specially designed and hence custom designs are mostly ordered when engagement rings are in concerned. Some of the most special features about rose cut engagement rings are as follows:

  • Proposal Ring – This is also known as the proposal ring as according to a belief it is the ring which no girl has ever rejected. The perfect ring to start your love life and make your partner yours for life are rose cut engagement rings.
  • Metal Sustainability – It is made according to the user choice and hence the metal used in making this ring is kept pure and at a level which suites everyone.
  • Various Shades – Range is also one of the dominating reasons why you would love to have the rose cut engagement ring for your beloved. Fitting any kind of stone, it is made to love and being loved.

These were all the various domiciles of engagement rings that open the door to your new relation which caters to a great life of togetherness ahead. Make it memorable by making it special with these engagement rings to choose from.

images taken from http://erstwhilejewelry.com/

images taken from http://erstwhilejewelry.com/

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