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Nowadays, living without internet is literally impossible, because we are so addicted to internet that we can’t

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imagine a day without it. Well, it’s not bad, because many people around the world are making money through online websites. But, there are few things which should be taken care of like installing a good antivirus. With increasing online money, frauds and hackers are always looking for opportunities to hack your passwords and other essential information, which might make their fortune. If you are using internet for more than 10 hours per day, then you must choose one of the best antiviruses available in market to assure that you get maximum protection for your PC. Below we are going to discuss two main categories of antivirus, one is free antivirus and another is paid antivirus.

Best free antivirus software

If you think that advanced features are not essential for you, then you can go for free antivirus software. There are various free antivirus applications available but you must compare the features to get the best one. These days, Avast antivirus is making a good reputation in the market. This antivirus is definitely the best free antivirus software. It gives you a complete protection against malwares and spywares. It scans your external files and it can also check your system regularly for any kind of threat. If you are not a heavy user of internet, then free antivirus software is the best option. But, if you are having huge pile of information stored on your computer then free antivirus won’t give you the ultimate protection.  These free antivirus applications are good for those users who are not so concerned with high level protection.

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If you are not so satisfied with Avast antivirus then you must try AVG antivirus. Recently, AVG is making an awesome reputation and one must try this one. AVG is loaded with easy to use graphical interface which is very easy to navigate. A normal user can easily understand all the functions and features of this antivirus. If you are concerned with firewall protection then AVG can also provide you with a proper firewall protection. Always make sure that you understand the software before implementing any feature.

Best free antivirus software for windows 7

More than 70% users all over the world are using windows and the most popular among them is windows 7. This operating system is loaded with tons of features and one can easily understand the interface which is pretty user friendly and simple. When we are talking about windows 7, then security is our primary concern. If you think that windows 7 is one of the best operating systems, then you must find a good antivirus to protect it from harmful viruses and other malwares, which destroys your computer eventually. Below we are going to list out some of the most famous antivirus for windows 7.

  1. Panda cloud antivirus – this panda might not be so proficient in kung fu, but one thing is for sure that this antivirus has made a decent impression on its users. This antivirus is one of the simplest antiviruses ever developed. The user interface is very simple and beginners can easily operate the functionalities.
  2. Microsoft essentials – if you are interested in latest antivirus software then Microsoft essentials is the best among them. This antivirus is full of features which are desperately needed for complete protection. Loaded with all the latest features and functions, this antivirus has surely made a remarkable impact on every user. Easy to use interface and priority scanning is among some of the major features.
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Now coming to the most important part of this section, which is about selecting the right antivirus for your system, if you think that every antivirus is the right one for you then you are absolutely wrong. Before choosing a perfect antivirus you must know the configurations of your computer. There are some ant viruses which are very heavy to use and they consume a lot of space and they are pretty demanding when it comes to resources. So if you are loaded with latest hardware, then these types of resource hungry ant viruses are definitely the best option for you. But, if you are a normal user and you are not having the latest hardware, then you must choose those antivirus which are light and easy to use, they might lack superior functions.

You can either purchase these applications from nearby computer stores or you can also opt for online shopping. Nowadays, online websites are providing excellent antivirus applications at reasonable costs.

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