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The Christmas party thrown on eve or on Christmas day is a grand celebration which is done all over the world. The Christmas day is celebrated as the birth day of Jesus Christ on 25th of every December. People go to church for Morning Prayer and start the celebration after it. Every part of the day is a celebration, but grand one comes at night when dinner is organized.

People love to throw and enjoy the dinner party at Christmas as it is a big holiday season.

In different parts of the world parties are organized according to their food customs and culture. Here are few mentioned below. Basically turkey is the main dish cooked at Christmas dinner party in the most part of the world.


In India people love to eat at parties and enjoy good food. Indians are genuinely food lovers and they have many favorite dishes. Variety of food is cooked at Christmas party including chicken, mutton, lamb and a variety in vegetarian food. Biryani and curry is specially among favorites. The main course is followed by a sweet dish, where Indians are specialist.


In England Christmas celebration starts from noon of 25 th December and lasts long. The main dish of dinner is a roasted turkey, though alternatives are also present as duck, goose and lamb. In some part beef or pork is also served. No party is complete without pudding.


In U.S. and Canada Christmas is celebrated as a grand festival and party is also big one. Naturally turkey is treated as main dish, but other dishes are also on menu. Variety of cakes, sandwiches, hams, puddings and a lot more are served in the dinner.

In vegetarian menu, mashed potatoes, cheese, seasonal fruits and vegetables and vegetarian cakes are included.

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Traditional Christmas dinner is always served with turkey as main dish, usually roasted.  In all over the world especially in European parts and U.S. and U.K., where it is celebrated at a large scale, it always have Turkey in main menu. Though other options are also open but it is taken as traditional food item.

There Is a lot of option for a Christmas party in a traditional way, which starts from pan cakes and end in a grand feast. Along with Turkey, duck, goose, lamb, beef, pork are among non-vegetarian items.

A variety of preparation can be done with them. the menu is loaded with pan cakes, beef cakes, hams, sandwiches, variety of breads, puddings, sweets and drinks.

It is important that all kind of people should be taken care of. If you have some guests at party who do not eat non-veg dishes, make some thing for them too, separately. You can include beans, salads, breads, rice, cheese and eggless cake for them. may be that they enjoy a drink at party, but while dining they will have a traditional choice.

Seasonal vegetables, kind of puddings, and traditional cakes will serve to their taste. You can present cookies also, especially if they are cooked at home. The menu can include gravy, sauces, sprouts and finger fries.

You can put soups as starters and some side dishes also.  Finger chips, biscuits, different fries, and jelly, custard and milk made items can also be included.

The dinner you serve with a traditional taste will make your guests happy and keep you satisfied. There is nothing wrong if you are planning a traditional dinner as this is what is well connected to culture. The important thing is that your  visitors should enjoy at your party.

You can have a lot of fun at traditional dinner party this Christmas.

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A lot can be said about Christmas dinner ideas. You plan a dinner with friends and family and ideas come pouring in with every door open.

This year at Christmas you can arrange a grand party and enjoy a lot with your guests. Basic idea is a get-to-gather at one place and have fun.

You may be preparing a best menu for the party, take some suggestions. Contact your friends, if they agree you may organize a pool dinner. Decide upon menu and ask everybody to bring a different dish. This will less you burden and variety will be added too. Cook something special at your place to win hearts and make them feel special.

Other than that you can organize a party at your own and cook all dishes at your kitchen, if you are fast and good at cooking. It will need a proper management and you may need some help. Involve some of your friends in your work by distributing them one each. You can take help of your family too.

you can try ordering a catering service if you want to do it at a large scale. They will take care of every thing and you will be left with monitoring part. Decide the menu by yourself.

Ensure that party start with welcome drinks and starters. Keep juices and soft drinks if children are also among visitors.

Main course should have full display of taste and choice. Whether be vegetarian or non-vegetarian, or both, decide what is every one’s favorite, mostly. From salad to desert keep it distinguished, selected.

It will be best if you cook one special dish yourself, even if you hire a caterer service. This will show the concern and respect you have for your guests.

Following a few rules you could be a proud host, whose party will be remembered for a long time.

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A few people like to throw a party at Christmas eve, a good idea for those who have other involvements or plans next day. Some may be moving out at Christmas to celebrate other way, or may one has any special occasion on that particular day and date. It depends upon personal choice and liking.

On Christmas so many parties are organized so people are left with a few choice and many of them keep a party at Christmas eve.

Christmas eve dinner is not different with what you have on Christmas dinner, except date. It can be organized in same manner and at same scale. Instead you can plan cutting a cake at midnight as next day would be Christmas and a holiday too.

You can organize dinner for your friends and involve some Santa activities too in the party. The kids present at the party will be more than happy to see Santa in the party and distributing gifts. It would be a icing on cake

Ask any member of your family to play a Santa disguised in the Santa’s dress. Let him take round in the party and distribute chocolates and sweets to children.

Dinner at Christmas eve party may be as it could be at Christmas day party.  You can plan a good menu and include all kind of dishes to it.

You can plan for every segment of the guests, including elderly people and children. Here is also some ideas which  you can follow.

You can make it  a pool dinner or you can order it from outside. If you plan to cook you self, manage everything properly. If you are planning to cut a cake and party would wait till midnight, organize some welcome drinks and starters. These should be served at regular interval. The party may start late as everybody has to wait a long. You can organize games or talent shows for entertainment.

Be sure elder citizen and children are not in waiting list, they should be served as they wish, and otherwise your party may be spoiled.

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For this year Christmas party you may be planning to serve a good dish prepared by yourself at party to be enjoyed by your guests.  If your guests are meat lovers you can cook a special meal for them which would satisfy their taste buds as well as tummy.

For vegetarians there are many variety present, but when you go to cook a chicken or other meat you need to be sure that a different taste is served.

Here is a chicken recipe for your party and be assured that you guests are going to love it.


Bring chicken according the gathering you are going to invite this is a full chicken recipe where chicken weight is one kg.


Chicken full                                                                         1 kg peeled

Onion                                                                                    5 bulbs, chopped in 4 pcs. 2 bulbs chopped in pieces

Garlic                                                                                     5 cloves, peeled and grated

Red chilli powder                                                             3 tsp

Green chilli                                                                         5 pc.

Milk                                                                                       100 ml

Almonds                                                                              10 pc

Cream                                                                                   for dressing

Ginger                                                                                  a small pc.

Chicken spice                                                                     packed, 5 tsp

Mustered sauce or chilli and tomato sauce           as required


Put garlic ginger in mixer and prepare an even paste. Keep the mixture separate in a bowl. Keep onion in the same jar ( don’t wash it) and make a paste of it too. don’t mix chopped onions in it, keep them separate. Make a paste of almonds too.

Wash and clean the chicken properly and keep aside on a trey. Put a pan on medium flame and pour some oil in it. (3 tsp). let the oil burn. When oil becomes hot pour onion, ginger, garlic paste in it and let it cook. Add red chilli powder, salt and chicken spice to it and keep moving with a stirrer and let it turn brown.  Take it down and keep the spice in a bowl. In the same pan cook almond paste without adding any extra oil to it. Let it turn brownish red and take down.

Now fill the spice inside the chicken , you can add some cheese to it if you wish. Rub the remaining spice on the body of chicken. Now pour almond paste on outer portion of chicken. Spread chopped onion and also grated green chilli pieces on it. Put the prepared material in preheated oven at 300 c. leave for 45 minutes and put the oven off to wait for more 30 min.

Take it out from oven and put it in a mixture of cream and milk  mixed and cooked together and made a thick gravy.(optional)

Otherwise decorate it with cream and sauce and dish is ready to serve.

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