Christmas Food Ideas

As the Christmas festival comes nearer, people start planning for parties and foods to be cooked and served on Christmas. The Christmas food idea is also a time taking job which needs to be decided carefully and contain all kind of interest.

Here are some Christmas food ideas

CACKES- Cakes are a big part of Christmas food. Hundreds of variety of cakes are baked and distributed. The pancakes are most common of them.  Cake laced with chock late and filled with resins and dry fruits are mostly distributed among friends and relatives. Homemade cakes are also loved by all and are in demand on Christmas. One can fill in different flavor to the cakes to be more enjoyable and delicious.

PORK- Pork preparations are also common on Christmas, as they are served largely in some countries. Pork meat is loved in most Christmas parties around the world. Looking at health risks and many other options available, pork can be replaced with anyone of meat you like to serve. But still some people like pork and you need to keep their interest in mind.


Beef is another options tried in many places. Meat lovers enjoy eating pork or beef whichever is available. Both of them are regarded as a part of Christmas food. Red meat eaters never say no to such delicious cooking.


Lamb is also served as a replacement of pork or beef. It is also a kind of red meat, thus makes guests equally happy to have it in main course. Be a roasted one or gravy rich it is enjoyed as well.


For people who like white meat, duck is a good option. Mostly served roasted it adds flavors to course and can be enjoyed with cocktail also.


To add a variety to your menu, sea foods can be tried, though they are not very popular. They can be added as fried items.


Vegetarian lovers have a range of list to choose from. From pastas to beans and pulses to curries and green veg to cheese. Seasonal vegetables and cheese are most loved items among vegetarians. Stuffed, baked and spicy preparations add more flavor to the taste.


Choose from a variety of desserts available in the menu. You can prepare one for your guests to make them feel special. Christmas food ideas don’t drop here, still many are to be included as well.

So are cakes which are sold at bakery stores and can be prepared on order too. You can engrave the name of recipient as well as yours.

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Gifting a food item to somebody this Christmas may be a great idea as you need not to worry about their preferred items; you only need to choose according to their taste. Knowing a particular person’s taste of food is not a rocket science and can be known in few meetings or spending a little time with him. Christmas food gift can be distributed among any class, age or relation.

The traditional gift for the occasion may be cheese and sausages as they are liked by everyone, of every age.  If you are a good cook yourself you can prepare cookies as they will be considered a special gift for your loved ones. People love homemade foods as they don’t have time or skill to cook themselves. Homemade foods are also associated with the warmth and love one shower.

There are many online options also available for wrapped food items, with a comfort of shipping to the destination. You can choose one of them.

Bake a cake and it will delight a person who receive it. You can look in stores if you are not good at cooking. Among some good options as Christmas food gifts may be BBQ sauces as they are equally popular for veg and non veg items. You can choose according to the taste, from chilly to hot and sweet, and mustard to maple. These sauces are good to add with any kind of dish.

Business Christmas gifts are also gaining popularity in the circle as all business associations look upon it as an opportunity to thanks giving to each other.

Coffee or tea packets are common as business gifts, as they are easy to find and liked mostly. Different flavors are available to choose from.

These are some common food items and some special for the occasion may be as:

A red wine bottle or a champagne bottle depends on the person’s value and your budget. Flavored chocolate box, sweets, candies, puddings, ice creams and snacks can be also a Christmas food gift.

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Christmas party food ideas are not very complicated and can be decided by spending a little time.

If you are planning to throw a Christmas party, try to make it tastier and memorable of all. Organizing a party in a well planned manner takes some effort and responsibility. You have to be at every guest’s side looking for what is needed at the moment.

Welcome Drink: It is good to welcome your guests with welcome drink which may be any soft drink, juices with little snacks. You may serve wine also as a welcome drink depending upon your circle. Be sure that children coming with guests will always enjoy soft drinks or juices.

STARTING WITH STARTER: Starters are important part of a party. While people waiting others to arrive and main course served they can enjoy starters. Find some tasty fried or baked dishes to be served as starters. Grilled and baked items are preferred as starters and yes some delicious soups can also do as they increase appetite.

MAINCOURSE: Main course may contain a small to big menu size, depending what kind of food you like to serve. You can choose non-vegetarian, vegetarian or both. There is a big menu to choose upon. If you have hired caterers, be sure they are using a good recipe.   It will be a great idea to monitor them time to time, so that no meal should be spoiled.

Add salads laced with sauces, beans and sprouts, they will serve a taste and a healthy diet too. For non veg category you can opt for lamb, chicken, duck and beef or pork if required. Beef and pork cakes are favorite foods during Christmas. Opt for sea food for a change; add prawns, crabs and lobsters as a new variety. 

VEGETARIANS- They have a big choice but cheese and macaronis are most loved. Baked cheese or graveled in sauces, both are equally favorites.  Baked beans, seasonal vegetables, dishes made out of fruits may add a wing to your Christmas party.

These foods are accompanied by butter breads, fried or boiled rice and provide ample taste. If you are ordering food from a joint, make a point with guests, what they love the most.

It is always nice if you prepare something in your kitchen.  Your guests would love it.

DESSERTS– Finishing touch with a tasty dessert will be remembered for a long time. It may be pudding, sweets, homemade ice creams and cakes. Just make sure about the taste and that everyone has his part of desserts.

COFEE FOR ROAD- Nothing can end a super meal as an espresso coffee.  Your guest would love it.

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Finger foods or fast foods are common these days in party circle. In your Christmas party you can add a flavor by serving some finger foods. For your Christmas finger food you need to consult your family and friends and decide the menu of your party.

Fast foods also known as finger foods are easy to cook and serve and almost loved by a majority of people. Some finger foods that can be served at Christmas party are:

PASTAS- Pastas are most liked and very popular finger food at parties. Children love them and adults too. A variety of pasta dishes could be prepared keeping in mind of everybody’s interest. Laced with different sauces, or cooked in with them, it can be added with vegetables, boneless meat, onions, capsicums and cheese. They will acquire everybody’s attention.


Same can be done with noodles; they are also prepared with a lot of flavored sauces and vegetables or non veg items. They are also a hit at a party when served with flavored sauces.


Pizzas today come in a many varieties and are one of most loved items today, among kids and youths too. It is hard to prepare at home, mostly needed to be ordered. But if someone can prepare them at home it would be loved by all.

SALADS- A variety of different kind of salads are also available which serve taste as a food item and healthy too.  Salad ingredients may also be vegetarian or non-vegetarian. In a salad mostly baked items are added, and mostly some raw vegetables or beans too. They are delicious and good for health as well.


Baked potatoes, beans, finger fried chips, cutlets are also among some popular items for Christmas party. Baked cheese pieces, drumsticks, boneless loafs, are some of most served food items.

You may choose from baked food items mostly as they are not a concern for health and are treated as a health food. Fried food items are rich at cholesrtol and fat so should be avoided. Food items made from white floor is also not recommendable as they are not considered as a healthy food.

While choosing your menu for Christmas finger food you should be very open as they should be liked by people of all ages and group.

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