Christmas Party Games

christmas party games

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Looking for some fun at this year’s Christmas party? You would have arranged all the required things to entertain your guests, wondering to have few different things, so they feel like enjoying a party they haven’t been in a long time.

So what you can do to provide your visitors a grand party at your place? You can arrange few games which could be organized at home easily and will entertain your guests a lot. Like the idea?

To help you little more in this segment, here are some games given below which you can easily arrange at home.


This is a fun game which is very easy and adults and children both will love to play it. You need two stockings and some small objects, they must be at least twenty in numbers and small enough to be hide in to stockings.

Fill both stockings with all those objects and tie the mouth of stockings with a band or ribbon, so objects become invisible.

Make a circle of all those present at party and ask them to handle the stockings one by one. Everyone has to touch the stocking and name the object kept inside by writing it on a paper with his/her name.

The person nearest or exactly getting it right will win and gets a gift. The more number of correct answers makes easier to find a winner.


This is one simple and very entertaining game which will burst your guests in cheer and excitement.

Set a timer and let the pairs to do the gift wrapping job. They have to finish it in limited time given. Looks very simple? Here is the twist. They both are allowed to use one hand only, as other hand will be in partner’s hand. The fastest wrapping couple wins.

See your guests enjoying these games and having fun. MERRY CHRISTMAS!

christmas party games

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Children love parties most. They are the biggest enjoying class at parties and love to have fun at every party.

If you are arranging a Christmas party for kids, be sure to make it a big entertainer for them. They love everything at party, be it food, friends, fun, toys or games.

You can also arrange a few games at their Christmas party and make it memorable for them. Here are some gaming ideas you should give a try.


Play some music and ask kids to make a circle.  As the music stops, each kid has to stand still acting like a snowman. The one, who moves, is out of the game.


Keep two pots in the centre of the room, empty. They should be large enough to be filled. Ask the children to make two groups and stand at both sides of pots. Keep some objects as ball, balloon, dices or sweets if you wish. Ask each group to fill the pot with objects, using a big spoon. It has to be done by each child in both groups, one by one.

The group filling the pot earliest will be the winner.


Two groups will take part in this game, making an equal line parallel to each other. The candy cane has to be passed over from each child by returning at the starting point in a limited time. The team who takes less time wins. The twist is that the candy cane has to be passed by using one figure only, the player of team who uses more than one figure, disqualifies and second one wins.

You will be more than happy to see kids enjoying at Christmas party in full esteem.

christmas party games for kids

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Arranging a Christmas party at office could be a fun itself. The energy level could be unmatched and joy on the peak that is what could be seen while organizing a Christmas office party.

For the party at office this Christmas, everything is on card, well taken care of, how to have some extra fun? No one is going to complain about that, be sure.

Let us share a few games to be played at office party.


Form groups according the number of people present at party. Distribute bundle of papers among them, you can have any of your choice. Each person of each group must have a bundle. Set the time and ask them to make a Christmas tree in limited time.  Catch? Yes there is one. Only hands are to be used as tools and work has to be done with wearing a blindfold, or keeping hands behind the back. No peeping allowed one who does will be disqualified.

The person, who is fastest, wins.


For this game you need a white board (common at most of offices), a Santa hat or big pot, a marker.

Make the group of participants and distribute papers between them. Ask them to write song, movie name, or any object name, animal name or even partner’s name, anything they want. Collect all the papers and put in to hat or pot kept in center of the room. Guests will pick the paper from the pot and describe the name by writing hints on board one by one. Groups have to make the right guess. The group having most of the answers will win.

Your office people will enjoy a lot at party playing these games together. It will turn out to be a memorable party.  Have fun!

office christmas party games

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Having fun at Christmas party and that too playing game could be a great idea for any party goers/thrower. A party is at its peak when it has a few games organized. If you are planning a party this Christmas, plans a few games, which could entertain your guests and form a memorable one.


Hang some air filled balloons to the ceiling; first fill them with some shining or scattering material. Divide all the adults in pair. Each pair has to blow the balloons, maximum they can. The twist is that they have to do it with one hand free only as the other one will be tied to their partner’s hand. They can’t use tied hand. The pair blowing maximum number of balloons will win the game.


Provide a paper to each pair; you may take a news paper. Game starts with the music and each pair has to dance on their piece of paper putting it on floor. The pair who comes out of paper while dancing will disqualify. The pair hanging for long time will win.


Distribute some paper and pen among all pairs present. Ask them to write 5 good and 5 bad qualities of their better half on the paper. The pair most nearly will win the contest.


This is a big fun game. Make all the ladies present at party sit on chairs forming a circle or a row. Put blindfolds on men’s eyes and ask them to recognize their partner by touching hands of ladies which is raised in air up their shoulders. Be sure, very few will get it right.

Enjoy these games with your friends at party and they will remember your party for long.

adult christmas party games

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In the Christmas party people enjoy a lot by playing different games. The games played in groups involving all of guests present at party, are best ones. Try such games so that nobody is left behind.

People will enjoy a lot and party will be remembered for long. Here are some of games enjoyed mostly at a party. You can choose as your wish.


This is a game which your guests will love a lot as it may turn to be an icebreaker, as many of your guests may be unknown to each other. The idea is to make each of guests present at party should stand out to define something he or she has never done, though wishes to do. The other who is present and done the same thing in their life will drop out of contest. After completing the round it takes another turn and so goes on.

  • WHO AM I

 Take some sheet of paper and write a few Christmas related names on them. Paste these papers on the back of every guest and allow them to roam in to the room asking each other WHO AM I?  Here are no winners but it will be enjoyed a lot.


Make pair of guests at party and keep some boxes in the centre of the room. Provide those wrapping papers and scissors with Teflon tape. Ask them to wrap up the boxes with wrapping papers as soon as they can. The twist is that they have to do it with one hand which is free; the other one would be around the waist of their partners. The pair wrapping up quickest is the winner.

Once you come across these games, you will love them as they are most enjoying one. How your party turns to be a fun world and when it comes to an end, without any complaints, you will never know.

best christmas party games

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