Christmas Snacks

Snacks are one of the most important dishes of any party; if it is a Christmas party then you should take an extra care for the snacks. Snacks are what which is liked by everyone from toddlers to old people.  A snack should be delicious, crunchy and healthy.  Snacks also work as the starters for any party.

For Christmas one could try meat balls as the Christmas snacks.  The meat of Lamb and/ or goat is perfect for the meat balls.  You could also add some cheese at the center to make it more delicious.  One could also try fruits for making snacks.  Any seasonal fruit could be used or one could use Strawberries.  Strawberries for Christmas are the perfect choice as they resemble to the color the festival and are very delicious.  Moreover, children love strawberries.  And yes they are very healthy.  You could make very delicious snacks with fruits.

Baked items are also very famous as a Christmas snack.  One could bake a number of items at home.  And if you don’t want to put much effort on baking, try buying some snacks from the market.  During Christmas every baker in the market offers delicious baking products.  You could choose cookies and cup cakes as Christmas snacks.  They are easily available in the market or one could bake them in the home without any hassle.  But don’t forget to decorate the cookies and pan cakes before serving it on the day of Christmas.  There are a number of ways by which one could decorate the cup cakes.  Use some cream or small pieces of cheese for the decoration.  One could make the smiley faces with the help of chocolate cream.  Kids will definitely love to it such cookies.  Even adults love to eat beautifully served dishes.  So it is necessary to garnish any dish before serving it to guests.  You could also try baking Brownies at home and cut them in any shape.  It is easy to cut brownies in easy shapes, but the cutting should be done very carefully as it may completely destroy the dish.  One could use the shape of reindeer or Christmas tree.  To garnish one could use strawberries, candies, cream, cheese, or icing sugar.   One could platter the cookies in shape of reindeer to add the festive mood.  Even candies could be used as the snacks; you could make the design of wreath with the help of colorful candies.  Try to use more quantity of red and green candies for making it more attractive.

One should take care of the fact that the snacks should be delicious in taste and attractive by look.  Because snacks could really destroy any party and leaves a bad impression on the guests.

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Healthy christmas snacks

During Christmas everybody will be busy in making the celebrations grand and wonderful.  One of the most important parts of any celebrations is food.  The food of the Christmas should be very delicious and attractive.  But while making delicious food one should also take care of the fact that the food and snacks should be healthy, as in Christmas we take some extra calories without much concerning about our health.

The best way to prepare healthy Christmas snacks is to add a lot of fruits and vegetables in the snacks.  One could prepare a number of healthy and delicious snacks in the Christmas with fruits and vegetables as main ingredients.  And if you want to try something new try to search the web for healthy and delicious Christmas snacks.  You can get as many options as you want.  In addition to fruits and vegetables you could add dry fruits in the snacks.  There are many dishes which could be prepared with the help of fruits and vegetables.  One of the most delicious, easy and healthy Christmas snack is cucumber cups.  Even the color of the cucumber, that is green, suits the mood of the festival.  It is very easy to prepare cucumber cups.  You need cucumbers in accordance with the number of cups you want to prepare.  Take a cucumber, peel off the outer skin of cucumber in a fashion that you leave some green skin of cucumber.  Now cut the thick pieces of cucumber (say 1.5 inches each).  Take off all the seed from the center of the cucumber and then add a paste of delicious herbs or cheese or anything else you want.  This is an easy to prepare dish and you have a number of options for the paste.  The paste could be cream mixed with strawberry.  The texture of such cream with the cucumber paste will be wonderful and attractive.  One could also try making kebabs with the fruits or with vegetables.  If you do not want bother yourself too much.  Just make the simple platters with the fruits and serve it as the snacks.  But don’t forget to add the festive mood in the snacks.  For example you could try making snow man with the help of banana pieces, grapes, apples and strawberries.  You could also use green apple to make a Christmas tree.  Just cut the slice apple in medium or thin slices and before serving it make the shape of Christmas tree and use some cherries and olives to garnish it.  In addition to this yogurt is also very healthy.  You could try making yogurt dishes.

Meat is also an option for making healthy Christmas snacks.  You could try making some delicious salad with the fresh beef and various herbs.  One could also try making the meat and vegetable kebab on Christmas.  They are healthy and tasty.

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Christmas snacks for kids

While making the snacks for the Christmas, health should be the major concern for all.  And if you are making Christmas snacks for the kids they must be healthy.  Because generally children do not configure out which is a healthy dish or which is not.  They just go by the texture, taste and smell of the dish, and eat anything they like.  So it the responsibility of parents to make healthy Christmas snacks for the kids.

While making Christmas snacks for the kids one should take care of the fact that you could attract the kids with the texture and look of the snack.  So garnishing is an important part of serving the snacks to kids.  Beautifully decorated food items attract more kids.

Kids love to eat cookies, fudges, rolls, cakes and many more dishes.  So this Christmas you could try each one of them or any one of them.  If you want to give variety to your kid then you could try each one of them.  This will require some effort, but if you want to give the best Christmas to your kid, you should try this.  One could buy the cookies from any baker, but this time try to buy cookies enriched with dry fruits like cashew nuts, almonds etc.  If you are baking it all by yourself add dry fruits in the dough.  In addition to this you could also garnish the cookies with almonds before baking it.  Butter and sugar cookies are also a healthy option for making Christmas cookies for children.  You could use icing sugar before serving it for the purpose of garnishing the cookies.  You could also try making pie, sandwiches, and rolls.  In addition to this, pastries with low calorie and fat free cream are a better option for Christmas snacks for kids.  You could garnish the pastries with strawberry.  Muffins are also the healthy food option for the Christmas snack for kids.  You could try making fruit muffins or vegetable muffins.  And before serving it try to make the shape of reindeer or anything else to add the feel of the Christmas.  Cheese could be used with brown bread along with freshly prepared fruits and cream mixture to make delicious rolls.  You could also try grilled steak to make delicious rolls.  It is very easy to make and takes just ten minutes.  You need thin slices of grilled steak, a cup of light-brown cheese and sliced bell pepper. And now spread one teaspoon of cheese on the steak slice.  And then top with the slices of bell pepper.  Now roll the grilled steak with cheese and slices of bell pepper on it.  And your delicious dish is ready.

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Christmas snacks recipes

The recipes of snacks are always easy.  Almost all the recipes of Christmas snacks do not require much effort. You could easily prepare any snack for the Christmas.  One could also search the recipes available on the internet.  There are many websites which offers various recipes for the Christmas.  Once could download the Christmas snacks recipe from the internet or can take the print out directly from the internet.

While following any recipe it must noted that you must not omit or miss any of the steps of the procedure as the result may be tragic.  If you have the recipe which can serve 4 persons and you want to prepare the dish for 16 persons.  Then multiply the ingredients with 4 to get the exact amount of ingredients required.


It is the dish which will definitely loved by your kid and you will absolutely proud of yourself for making such a delicious dish.


            ITEMS QUANTITY
Cream Cheese (Softened) 18 ounce
Cheddar Cheese 4 ounce
Softened Butter 1 Tablespoon
Minced Onion 1 Tablespoon
Minces Garlic 1 Tablespoon
Dijon Mustard 1 Teaspoon
Tomato Paste ½ Teaspoon
Black Pepper To Taste
Cream Cheese (Whipped) 2 cups
Radish (sliced) ½ cup
Carrot Stick, Cheery Tomato, Cracker, Black Olives and Pretzel 1 (each)



  1. Blend the above mentioned first 8 ingredients.
  2. Put the blended mixture on a plastic wrap and make a ball.
  3. Wrap the ball and put it in the freezer for one hour.  Then unwrap the ball and put it on the serving tray.
  4. With the help of a new plastic wrap flatten the cheese ball to make the shape of a face.
  5. Take off the wrap and with the help of red pepper make the hat of the Santa.
  6. With the help of the Cream Cheese (whipped) make pastry, in a plastic bag
  7. Use it to stick the slices of radish on to the hat.  Make eyebrows and beard with the cream.
  8. Use carrot to make the nose, pretzel to make mouth, olives to make eyes and the crackers to make ears.
  9. Cut the cherry tomato in two pieces and use these pieces to make the rosy cheeks of the Santa.

The above mentioned recipe is healthy and tasty.

You could also go for making brownie.  They are very easy to make and delicious in taste.  You can add caramel coating on the brownie to make it tastier.  One could also use sugar balls to garnish the brownie.  Garlic breads are very healthy; one could use garlic breads to make a number of snacks.  Use garlic bread with the slices of cheese or any ingredient to make a perfect snack.

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Easy christmas snacks

If you do not want to spend much time on the starters or snacks and want to concentrate completely on the main course food for this Christmas.  Then you could go for easy Christmas snacks.  There are many recipes which are easy to use.  Many of such recipes take less time to prepare the snacks.

Fruits are the best option for making easy Christmas snacks.  With fruits you could a number of Christmas snacks.  They consume less time and are delicious, as fruits are always delicious.  Fruit snacks are delicious in taste as well as healthy for your body.  You can use cheese, whipped cream or yogurt with fruits to make even tastier snacks.  And do not forget to garnish the dishes before serving it to guests.

One could also try the cookies as snacks for this Christmas.  You need not to bake the cookies all by yourself.  You could buy the cookies from a nearest baker.  You could choose the flavor you want.  For Christmas garnish the cookies with whipped cream or fruits or chocolate sauce.  It is also very easy to make the beautiful platters of cookies.  One could make the different shapes of the festive season with the help of cookies, like the face of the reindeer, Snow man and face of Santa.

Different rolls and sandwiches also fall in the category of easily prepared snacks for the Christmas.  For sandwich you could use garlic bread or ginger bread or the brown bread.  All these breads are healthy to eat.  One could make fruit sandwich by using green apple, strawberry, banana and oranges.  Take a slice of bread and put a piece of sliced cheese now spread a tablespoon cream on the cheese.  Now put the slices of apple, strawberry, orange and banana on it.  Now put another slice of cheese onto it then another bread peace.  And your delicious fruit sandwich is ready to serve.  Caramel rolls stuffed with paste of chocolate are also an option for the Christmas snacks.

Pan cakes are another option for easy Christmas snacks.  Buy some pan cakes from the market and serve them to the guests, this Christmas.  But if you want to give it your personal touch or wants to get the appreciation from others, decorate the cups before serving it.  In is only your innovation which will help you while decorating the cakes.  You could make different shapes with cupcakes.  Use cream, candies, fruits etc. to decorate the cakes.

Chocolate puddings, fruit-salad, chocolate mousse and dips are also some of the easily prepared Christmas snacks.  All these snacks are easy to prepare Christmas snacks as well as they are very healthy for you and your children.

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Healthy christmas snacks for kids

Although many people concentrates mainly on main course food and do not give much importance to snacks or starters, snacks are an important part of any party.

This Christmas try some healthy Christmas snacks for your children.  You just need to take care of one or two things.  One could make a number of snacks for the children with health as the major concern.  You could also try this easy to make and healthy dish this Christmas.

Chocolate pudding along with berry syrup


Items Quantity
Butter 85 grams
Muscovado Sugar (dark) 85 grams
Eggs (beated) 2 large
Vanilla Extract 1 Tablespoon
Dark Chocolate 100 g
Cocoa 25 g
Baking Powder 1 Tablespoon
Almonds 100 g
Milk 100 ml
Chocolate Buttons 2


For Berry Syrup

Items Quantity
Orange Juice 1 Cup
Raspberry Jam 200 grams
Sour Cherries (dried) 25 grams
Cranberries (dried) 25 grams
Maraschino Cherries 50 grams
Pitted Cherries 200 gm
Star Anise 3



  1. Take a pudding basin of 1lb, put a grease proof paper on the base of the basin.  For steamer.  For steamer, place a saucer on  a saucepan in which the pudding basin could be placed easily.  This will work as the trivet for stopping the base to come in direct contact of the heat.
  2. Beat the mixture of sugar and butter in a large bowl.  Then add the already beaten eggs. And mix it well.
  3. Now add vanilla essence and dark chocolate (melted).  Again mix it well.
  4. Now add flour, baking powder and Cocoa in the mixture, Mix it well.  After that add almonds (grounded), Chocolate buttons and milk.
  5. Now put this mixture in the basin.
  6. Take a greaseproof paper and cut it into large circle, and foil.  Now butter greaseproof paper and put it on the foil.
  7. Put the paper over the pudding.  Put the tin foil under and cover it with the paper.  Secure it with the help of string and then put it into the steamer.  Now add some hot water into the basin, up to halfway up.  Make sure that the water is not enough to touch paper. Cover it with the help of a lid.  Now lower the heat of the stove to simmer.
  8. After one hour take off the lid.  Check if the pudding is ready or not.  You can use metal skewer of this purpose.  Insert the metal skewer.  If it comes out clean it is cooked.  Otherwise leave it for another fifteen minutes and then check it again.
  9. In between, mix the jam, dried fruit, orange juice and star anise in a jar so that it becomes syrupy.  Nor mix the canned cherries and maraschino.
  10. Now serve the pudding on a plate.  Add some fruits on it. And then add the syrup.  Garnish it with fruits.


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Fun christmas snacks

To add the soul of the Christmas one could serve the Christmas snacks in a number of ways.  One could buy the Christmas themed utensils for this purpose.  You could also try making different Christmas themed shapes with the snacks to add the mood of the festival.

One could serve the Christmas snacks designed in the shape of reindeer or Santa. You could also try any other shape which is funny.  Making snow man with the help of cookies is also a fun filled idea.  Take a serving plate and take two round cookies.  Put some whipped vanilla flavored cream on both the cookies to make a snow man.  Now use chocolate cream or sauce to make eyes, nose and mouth of the snow man.  You can put two candies to make the hand of the snowman.  This is a very simple dish to prepare.  You could easily buy the cookies from the market.  Buy some cream in accordance with the number of snowman you want to make.  Whip the cream and add vanilla essence into it.  Now stir the mixture well.  All the ingredients are ready you only need to decorate it.

Making fun filled Christmas snacks depends on the creativity.  None of the dish is funny in taste; you could serve it in a funny way.  Another funny idea to make Christmas snacks is decorating cup cakes to make funny faces.  Cup cakes are very easy to bake, and in case you are not in the mood of baking buy some cup cakes from the market.  For decoration you need to do a little effort.  Buy some candies, chocolate buttons, caramel sauce and chocolate cream.  You could make the face of reindeer very easily with the help of cup cakes and candies.  Insert two candies in the cup cake to make the antlers of the reindeer, now with the help of chocolate buttons make the eyes; you could use blue colored buttons to make the eyes.  Then with the help of strawberry make the mouth of the reindeer.   You could also make other face like of a monkey or a panda.  It depends totally on your creativity, the number of funny faces that you could design with the cupcakes.

One could also use fruits and cream to make funny as well as healthy snacks.  One could use Strawberries and cream to make snowman.  It is delicious in taste and funny in look.  You could also use banana, green apple, apple, chocolate pieces etc to design and make funny Christmas snacks.  You could also use broccolis for making funny snacks.  Cut the small piece of broccoli and the make Christmas tree with the help of these pieces.  In between the two pieces of broccoli place a small red cherry.  For making the trunk of the tree you can use chocolate piece.


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