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In our everyday lives we have various occasions that we ear mark and celebrate. Be it someone’s birthday, anniversary or success – it is the moment of joy we want to celebrate. To make these special and memorable occasions we leave a token with those whom we want to make feel special by giving special gifts. Here are some great gift ideas to make your gift exclusive and unique. Of course no one but you will know the personality of the one gifted and so you will have to tailor make these ideas to the right occasion. Also we almost always have a budget in mind when we make a purchase or for all such gifts, so we will try to mention gift ideas of all ranges. We thought it would be best to categorize these under prominent categories keeping in mind the gift ideas we often look for.


 Surely classifying gift ideas by gender is a very common thing to do. Gift baskets are very popular gift ideas, for example beer basket or bucket which could include an assortment of beers and also stuff like nuts, snack bowls etc which can be grouped together. These baskets can be customized by the shop or could be home made too. You could also make a cosmetics basket with aftershave and fragrances exclusively branded for men. Sporty gifts for men could include Ts, games, accessories that one uses while playing. This would be more suitable when you know the sport of his liking. Fragrances are always welcome…but do not forget to pick up one used by men. Electronic gadgets are great gift ideas for men but they are generally a little high on the budget.They get absolutely turned on by electronics be it simple psp video games or an iPod.  Sporty and masculine watches are also very good gift ideas.

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Bouquets of flowers are common birthday gift ideas yet one that always brings a smile to someone delivered irrespective of gender. It can be added with a special something that can be treasured to mark the special moment for later. Music albums if your friend is a music lover, junk jewelry if it is for a girl or a special pen in general would be a great birthday gift.Gift ideas could be many but you know the person and have to decide what is going to be most suitable for that personality. These days’ gifts could be personalized by etching a name or customizing the gift, which you can always mention while making a purchase.


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This one is an occasion to celebrate a union of love and bonding. The anniversary gift ideas are revolving around the same idea. You can gift porcelain statues of man and woman or any other representing the idea of love. Depending on the maturity of the couple anniversary gifts are generated. It could be Swarovski mementoes if you are ready to splurge. Also such gifts may be things used by couple, usual lifestyle things like a bed cover, or a home decoration or a cutlery or a bath set etc.



This again depends on the age of the recipient. For children games, toys new clothes, accessories would be nice Christmas gift ideas. Cosmetics, junk jewelry, home decorations would be good gift ideas. For men again sporty gifts, electronic gadgets, car accessories would be great gifts .As a family too you could give music boxes, photo frames or lifestyle things to mark the special occasion.

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 This is an occasion to celebrate love and the bonding and so the gift should be absolutely romantic. Ideal valentine gift ideas for a woman would be diamond rings and such special jewelry if you budget is on the higher side, or any jewelry for that matter makes a woman happy. There are tailor-made jewelry with hearts and cupids for the special occasion which makes them wonderful. You could also gift a soft toy to someone you want to propose your love with flower and chocolates. Valentine gift ideas for men would be fragrances, music cds or dvds, coffee mugs, key chains, electronics, watches etc. There should be a special touch of romance marked with a heart or cupid to make it more appropriate.

These are some gift ideas and we could go on as there are new items in the market every day. It is best to make a list of all the occasions you think may occur and then procure the gifts in advance so that at the final moment you can relax and look after your dressing up. Budget fixation for such gifts is another essential thing to do…so you know what to look at. If you know that a person is waiting to buy a certain thing that would be the best gift idea if that fits your budget. The whole idea is making the recipient happy and sharing the moment of happiness to mark a special occasion.


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