Garden Party Ideas

garden party ideas

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When temperature begins to rise, and chilling weather needs a farewell, why not plan a garden party with friends……….. It could be a great idea. This is the season when flowers starts to blossom and green layer starts to cover the atmosphere it would be great to enjoy the season with friends, having snacks, playing games and making merry. Even if you don’t have a big garden, you can use your indoors also.

a)      How to start

For every party, no doubt menu is very important part, but it would be better to start with things which are scenic. If you have a good lawn/garden, you can relax. Just need to do some trimming and cutting and give it a nice look. Seasonal colorful flowers, green herbs can add glitter to the look. You can add some artificial and crafted work too; some pots, jars and flower vessels are also an option.

b)      Prepare your menu

This is main part of the party. Obviously you plan your party on a holiday, so you can decide your menu as your wish or according your guests.  You can include starters, welcome drinks, soups and after the main course some sweets will add flavors and taste to the party. Salads are a very good option to start with, as they are nutritious and hygienic too. Anyone can eat a lot of them and many varieties can be prepared, they will last till end.

Be sure about the preparation of your final menu, you need to plan it. All ingredients and raw material should be arranged in advance, except the things which need to bought fresh as meat and cheese.

You can ask for help from your any close friend who can come with you and helps to make arrangements.  What has to be served when is also very important, along with the state in which it has to be served. For example soups need to be served hot and soft drinks chilled. Final touch may have a nice sweet dish. Anything from pudding to ice creams, sweets to cakes.

c)       Fun at your party

You can keep your guests busy with some outdoor games which are funny. Don’t include any heavy or time taking games as your guests are at party, not at a gaming holiday. Light games, dancing, singing or playing musical instruments would be a great idea.

garden party ideas

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Parties are for night! If you believe that, you are a party animal…that is for sure. Nights add glamour and shine to the parties, as most people enjoy having fun with friends at night. The idea could be the same but night party will add a charm to the party. Below the sky, in your garden at night you can have a hell of fun with friends and they’ll love it too.

You need some lightning arrangements to be done if you are planning your party at night. Lights should be sufficient to reach all corners, so visibility at night should be clear. In the night party you cannot organize a variety of games, though you can arrange Table-Tennis, Cards, Carom and other light games.

The idea of musical program or dancing, singing and playing instruments will have bigger effect at night parties. If you feel the chill in weather, you can lit a small fire also, it will please your guests.

Nighttime always add a charm to the party, and you can make it a cocktail dinner also, if you like it that way.  If party is at night, you get more time for preparations, though menu could enlarge. Prepare most of dishes in day time so at the time of arrival of guests, you should not be busy in kitchen. Keep your oven preheated, so the meal is served hot.

For a change you can light candles along with lights, it would give a beautiful look. Light arrangements should be done in a way, so the beauty of garden should be observed, while providing full visibility.

If you have children at the party, arrange an early dinner for them, as most of children have a habit of going to bed early. Another thin which happens most is that, till the dinner is served, children eat starters or snacks too much and skip the meal, don’t let it happen. It will please their parents and food will not be wasted.

Night parties can be organized at weekend, so people are not in a hurry to retire to attend next day office. This provides a complete chance of entertaining and enjoying at full, to the host and guests both of them. Night garden party is a better idea to have fun with family and friends, and also to explore your imagination to throw a good party.

night garden party ideas

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Sometimes a short time party arrangement is needed, when you like to spend a good evening tea with friends, having small conservations. After lunch and way ahead before dinner, garden tea party is arranged. It originated in England, where house ladies would gather after lunch and have a tea with friends. This was a best way to enjoy a summer afternoon. To plan a garden tea is as much fun as attending one. You need to look after all aspects as menu, decoration, games and invitations.

As any other party, tea party also needs to be planned in a great way. You must organize it in a way, so the theme of party is reflected.

  • Before planning a garden tea party, be sure that garden area is cleaned and made neat and tidy. Any obstacles should be removed and dead plants or herbs too may be replaced with new one.
  • Invitations are most important and should be handled carefully, so do it yourself or rely on a responsible person. Your invitations should reflect the theme of the party.
  • Decoration should be smooth and should explore the beauty of the garden. Don’t do many experiments as neat and clean gardens itself look beautiful.
  • Arrange some shades in the garden, as few of your guests may need it. You can install umbrella chairs, or make a temporary patio for party. You can plan the color of chair and table to make it presentable.
  • Table tops are main part which can be decorated, adding some flower vessels at the top. Nicely arranged crockery kept in a decorative way also gives a pleasant look. Fill in a big bowl with water and put some flowers in it, it will add a good view.
  • You can plan indoor games in the outdoor, as cards, chess; board games are a few one. Other option is to go for conversations. Make a point and discuss, talk whatever you like to and have fun.
  • Dress according the climate, warm in winters, and light in summers. So is the timing of the party, in summers it may last a little late and in winters it needs to finish early. So time it accordingly.
  • Menu should be as per timing, should not be too heavy. You may include biscuits, cakes, wafers, snacks or even a homemade dish. Verities of tea or coffee can be added.


garden tea party ideas

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One thing related to garden party is decoration, which has no limits and can be explored at a long stretch. You can let your imaginations go wild when it comes to party decorations. You can do it yourself or could get it done by professionals. It would be a better idea if you do it yourself, as it will satisfy you and at same time it would please your guests too.

For a complete decoration you can start with flowers at your garden. Replace the old ones with new fresh ones and colorful too. Seasonal flowers could be arranged in a proper manner or according a color scheme.  They could be blended with some crafted or artificial flowers, kept in vase or pots.

Table tops take an important place in decoration, and present a very attractive look at the site. They could be covered according your party theme and provided with table tops, which may differ in variety.

Sometimes your beautiful crockery may play an important role in decoration. You can place them at the top to be used and give a good look too.

Garden can be filled with colorful balloons, lying on the ground, instead of hanging them. Florescent papers, colorful cloths and flags are some of common and good looking decorative props.

If you have thrown a night party, then decoration becomes even more important. Night lamps, decorative lights, colorful lamps, arranged and engineered properly give a beautiful look to your party.

You have room to perform some experiments, as you can mix candles with lights. Arrange some lamp glass and cover the candles with those glasses, they will be safe from winds and also the light will increase.

You can prepare can lights with empty cans and they will win you an applaud from the crowd.

You need some empty soft drink cans to prepare can lamps. Cut the top of cans equally in same size. Fill the cut cans with sand putting a string in the middle of sand. Fill it with kerosene oil, and stir for proper mixing. Now lit the string and let it burn. Sand will not allow can to fall and string will keep it burning. Add right amount of fuel time to time till your party lasts. In the night you don’t need many decorative items other than lightning material, though it depends upon you, how you want to do it. You can add balloons, glittering material and lamps to make it more charming.

garden party decoration ideas

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There are a lot of occasions when one can throw a garden party, may be a birthday, anniversary, promotion or simple get to gather. Food is an important thing which should be decided in a careful manner. You need to keep in mind, the taste of all of your guests so no one should be left out. As all other parties, you plan the arrival of your guests with the welcome drink. Keep soft drinks for children if they are accompanying their parents. If your party has wine on its list, make a separate bar for both drinks.

Along with drinks you may add soups for the people who are not interested in either. Same way starters can be added. Plan your starter as per trend. Don’t mix variety in it, as main course can be served in verities. Don’t keep too heavy starters as they will fill the lot early and food will suffer. Have only two or three starters.

For main course you cannot rely on anyone and should decide it yourself. No one can know your guests better than you.  Make up your mind for choice of cuisine, for non- veg and veg.  Once decided, plan for preparations. If you are following both menus, take help of somebody. You can order your food from different food joints also. Try preparing your special item yourself, it will give pleasure to your guests.

Party can be started by cutting a cake of a flavor which is everybody’s favorite. Children almost love all kind of cakes.  Add seasonal fruit salad as second service as it is liked by most of people.  You can plan bar be cue or sizzlers, kebabs, and also pastas, burgers and pizzas. If you feel a little confuse, take some help from somebody.

Main course may include two/ three preparations of vegetarian or non-vegetarian food or both. But choose the best, so your invitees should keep it in memory for a long. While ordering it from outside, ask them for their specialty. If you feel, you can have their special item in your menu.

From traditional to modern dishes, whatever is liked by majority is always good. Take care of older ones and children as they need more attention.                                                               Add some sweet taste too; ice-creams, sweets and cakes can do it for you.  Provide a final touch to the party with a hot cup of coffee.

garden party food ideas

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Kids are most enjoying creatures at a party, and when the party is for kids what a fun they have. If you are planning a kid’s party be ready for the noises, games, activities and all the notorious things you can’t even imagine. They are very generous at inviting as the bigger crowd provides bigger fun, in their terms. They are least interested in any other thing than enjoying.

But they are particular about food and presentation. First you need to think about their involvement that is the activity that would keep them busy.

Games and shows organized at a party for kids would keep them busy while you are busy in preparations. You can arrange a lot of fun games, making separate groups, to enjoy one by one or at same time. Puzzle games, bowling, blowing balloons, and many more games may be included. You can organize small shows as puppet shows, magic shows or even a little competitive games too.

If a cake is to be cut plan it at middle of game so they may be kept busy. A chocolate flavor is almost every kid’s favorite. You can serve soft drinks along with light snacks, so they may enjoy food also.

Kids are very choosy when it comes to food, as they love instant food in place of traditional. You can include burgers, pastas, noodles, pizzas and cakes to the menu.  Preparations of cheese may also be welcomed. A nice sweet dish will fill them with joy.

These all dishes could be cooked at home and can be ordered too.  Don’t mix the gaming session with food, otherwise food may suffer.   Divide the timing so that they enjoy games and food at equal level.

Allow them to use their imaginations while competitive games. Offer a prize for the best candidate and let the best come out. A singing, dancing or painting competition can be held and they will enjoy it most.

Always keep a big container in a corner of the garden and ask one or two of them to keep a watch that no littering takes place.

This may prove a way to allow them to take some responsibility. When party comes near end, make sure that every kid enjoyed at his part, and is satisfied. At the end a return gift may be a icing on cake as  all kids in the world love being gifted. Choose a gift that may please them and also be useful at same time. It is not important that gift is a costly one.

garden party ideas for kids

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