Among some great customs of human society, there is one called “House warming parties” which looks to be one of very old customs. Housewarming parties are organized by house owners when they move in a new house to present their residence to friends and relatives. It is a custom related to it that the party should take place within three months of their shifting to a new house. It is also organized at a renovation or extension of old house.

No one can tell when it originated but it may have started in ancient times when electric or electronic systems were not introduced, as they are today, and to warm up a house people needed to put fire place burning. So it may have born in one of cooler countries on the earth. The idea was to present house owner a fire wood to keep his house warm by burning fire in fire place. In ancient times all houses contained a fire place and it was burned whole day in coldest regions.

Considering fire as a holy medium which keeps evils and devils away, it also formed a custom. All invited guests would bring a piece of fire wood with them to present the house owner, to help in burning fire and keeping evils away.

House warming parties are organized to have a get together, eat, drink and be merry with family and friends to celebrate the new house. There is no particular way or planning for such parties, it depends on the people who gather, how they like to enjoy. It is believed that House warming parties creates an atmosphere to live in.

Invitation for House warming parties should be send in advance so the recipient should alter his/her plans in that way. An invitation which does not land in time is equally as bad as not invited.

Gifts are a common custom for the occasion, though it is not compulsory. People bring some gift along with them as a good luck wish to the owner, to make his and family’s stay comfortable, cheerful and away from all evils. House warming parties gifts are common for some places, but depend upon the choice of buyer. It may be a bottle of wine, religious momentous, crockery, a holy sign piece or anything that would make the hosts happy and cheering.

On House warming parties’ people invite their new neighbors and get a chance to meet new people and understand them.  In India such parties are called “Grihapravesh” or “Grihabhoj”.

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Planning a House warming party needs some great ideas. When planning a House warming party there a few things which one should keep in mind.

  • INVITATION- Invitation is an important and foremost thing for a House warming party. A list should be prepared of all those whom you want to be present at your party. This may be an occasion when you can meet those people whom you met a long time ago. Try to prepare a proper and balanced list with addresses. Invites should be sent in advance, so invitees may get time to prepare themselves.
  • DECORATION- Decoration is also an important part of a House warming party. You may hire a decorator but it will be a great idea to plan it your way so it may leave an impression.
  • COCKTAILS- It has become a part of every serious party. After all you are celebrating your new house, your life time dream come true, you need to furnish all demands of all type of guests at your place. Serve them with some best of drinks according to your budget.
  • STARTERS- It should be some different in choice and if you yourself are a foodie, decide a menu yourself. Keep in mind all variants for men, women and children. Also keep in mind for those who are strictly vegetarians. Make separate stands for them.
  • GAMES- Involving your guests at in a game is also a good idea. See what you can organize comfortably. There are a lot of fun games for men, women and both to play separately or together. Don’t forget children, give them a separate space. A family can freely enjoy the party when children are enjoying on their own.
  • FOOD- Comes here the most important of the House warming party, the main course. From salads to deserts, plan everything at its best. After all a House warming party is thrown once in a life time, mostly. Leave the menu to that person who can decide the best. If you are hiring a caterer service keep a close look. It would be best idea to prepare one item yourself at your kitchen. Your recipe will fill the guests with warm as it shows your affection to them.
  • RETURNS- A best ways to be thankful to your guests for making your enjoyment double by being there with you. Give them parting gift; it may not be costly but a sign of thanksgiving and a memory to remember.
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House warming parties games are common and a best way to make your guests comfortable and connected to each other. You can take their help also to organize a game. Making a choice from hundred of house warming party games  is not a easy task, but you can choose some as  keeping in mind the comfort and availability.

  • PUPPET SHOWS- being one of very old entertaining ideas, it would be enjoyed by lot. People would be thrilled as these shows are rare these days.
  • MUSIC COMPETITION- Organizing a music competition is also an old and common but very entertaining game for such parties. You can form few groups, depending upon the number of people present there and start with a gramophone or record player. Now a day’s music systems can do. In this game one song is played and to which word it ends, groups have to sing immediately a song starting with that word. A limited time is provided and after that it passes. Winner is the group which picks up the song earliest.
  • MUSICAL CHAIR- It is also played at the music. Till the music plays one group keeps on circling the chairs kept in front of them and acquire a seat when music stops, one who fails is considered out of game.
  • DANCING COMPETITION- Dancing in pairs is also a good idea to keep making house warming party interesting. A prize may be declared for winning pair, making all of them involved in dancing.

Some may be interested in outdoor games as cricket, football, badminton, table tennis, running and basketball. If you have that much space and organized your party earlier since day time, these are some options to try on.

For children you can organize writing or painting competition, winners getting some prizes. This will make them feel good as well their parents also. It may be turned into a platform to show talent.

You can seek help of event organizers if you find it difficult at your own. They can organize a number of games which suits your budget and space. You don’t need to bother about playing materials as they carry their own materials.

You can also organize a puzzle game, which is liked by both, adults and children. Disguise game can be also played, in which a group of gents and ladies are sent to separate rooms to change their makeover and wear a different look with the help of masks, dresses and make-up, and let their families or partners locate them.

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There is a lot of way to plan a theme for your House warming party for your guests, as you need to make it a memorable one. From dressing code to menu you can plan it your own way.

DRESS CODE – you can select address code for your House warming party, it can be different for guests and hosts. By your different dress code you can be located easily among your guests.  For children, aged people, youths and adults all can be given a different dress code. It will make your party a life.

COCKTAILS- You can make it a cocktail party by serving all types of wines and drinks to the guests. A bar can be prepared in your lawn and soft and hard drinks can be served keeping in mind all type of age and groups. You can also prepare a special drink to be served after your own name or house name.

FOOD- Foods can also be incorporated in the theme list. Plan a Bar-be-Queue, Sizzlers, Roasted on anything most liked in the circle.

You can prepare a dish bearing your or house name, which may be remembered for long.

MASKS- Make masks wearing a compulsory at your House warming party. Wearing fun masks, witch and devil masks, clown masks and character masks would be a great idea. It should include people of all ages and group. Best way would be every guest should be provided a mask at entry and should enter after wearing it. Take a guess to recognize them. It will be joyful and thrilling too.

Some of House warming party themes are

  • Open house House warming party- as its name shows it is an open house party all day long. There is no set time to enter or leave.
  • Convoy party- it may be really a thrilling one. Ask your guests to land at your old house load your remaining belongings on their cars and move to new place with them. There the party awaits you. It will be a lifetime journey you’ll never forget.
  • Block Party- Invite your new neighbors at the party. It is the best time to relate to them.
  • Redecorating- Allow your friends and relatives to decorate your new house. Assign them some area or color and let them enjoy helping you.
  • All of your guest may be of different taste and interest, ask them to highlight their special talent; it may be cooking, decorating and organizing anything.

This participation will make your house warming party memorable forever in all hearts.

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