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Project management software is basically software which has an objective to organize resource pools and provide resource estimates. The usage of project management software depends substantially on the team, the project and the project-management style. It contains specific tools that might help an individual to plan projects, to manage tasks and plays a key role in the sharing and collaborating on documents. One of the most important functions of project management software also includes scheduling tools. With the help of scheduling tools one can arrange project activities in a sequential manner and assign the respective dates as well as resources to them. Project management software is quite beneficial as it helps in the planning of projects. It helps in defining a project schedule and understanding a critical path for a project. It provides a detailed list of the tasks to be completed, people responsible for different aspects of the project; an estimate of the time required to complete each task and also provides a link between the dependable tasks.

Free Project Management Software

There are a lot of free project management software available on the internet, as a simple Google search will reveal. One important aspect about projects is the role of managing tasks, which is handled very easily with project management software. You can assign tasks to a specific group, create deadlines and notifications when such tasks are completed. In the same way, every project team has documents which they would like to share with other members of the team. Sharing with the members individually can often prove cumbersome and time-consuming and that’s when the project management software comes to use. Project management software provides a central location to store the documents. Two very popular project management software – basecamp and Central Desktop give you a lot of useful and easy to use features that can help you in organizing your documents better. Google docs and Zoho both offer real time editing and synchronization.

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Best Project Management Software

The choice of best project management software deals a lot with what you want out of your project management software. Various organizations and groups have different needs, and hence have different software that will fit best for them. ActiveCollab can be said to be one of the best project management software. This amazing software has awesome features and saves a great amount of time. It can be used by project leaders to add milestones to a team, add more group members, assign tasks and also get notified quite easily. It has all the features to be expected in sophisticated project management software. ActiveCollab also permits team leaders to provide real-time updates to their clients about the progress of a specific task and by giving access to the system. With File sharing, time tracking, invoicing, project management, and notifications all in one place, it is certainly a blessing.

Another few aspects of collaboration and teamwork include sharing calendars and contact lists – which you can share through project management software, with the members of your team. Basecamp helps you in this respect by integrating calendar with the Google calendar or Outlook and thus makes it beneficial to the group

Open Source Project Management Software

If you know how to utilize it to the best use, then open source project management software is amazing for you. This is because you can customize it to meet your own needs, and you can add your own things to it. Project management software also helps in managing bugs and issues. In this aspect, the software may be of a great deal of help as it can track comments and conversations for line items and rate priorities. The software detects bugs and stores lengthy descriptions, comments, and resolutions for each project. There are also some useful free and open-source bug-tracking software systems, including Mantis, Bugzilla, and Trac. Project management software also provides a way by which we can track time. The software calculates how much time the team members take to complete a certain task. Tools like Toggl, Harvest, OpenAir, ClickTime, SlimTimer, and Markosoft  are specifically designed just to track time. Open source project management software includes project management software which is free of cost and can be easily downloaded via the internet. There are a number of free project management software available in the market. dotProject, GanttProject, Open Workbench, ProjectPier, OpenProj, Clocking IT and TaskJuggler are some of the free, open source project management softwares available in the market. They are much needed in project which generally involves a great deal of sophistication. These software help in organizing your project and make things much simpler and thus cut away the extra time. With these tools one can manage tasks, resources, and costs that are related to your projects. Some tools also have the feature that enables them to manage time and also resolve bugs and other issues. ProjectPier is one such famous software which helps in managing messages, tasks, and milestones.


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