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Search Engine Optimization is a part of Internet Marketing that also refers to Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Referral Marketing, Content Marketing and Native Advertising. It is also the means of search engine marketing such as Pay Per Click, Cost Per Impression, Search Analytics and Web Analytics and also with Display Advertising such as Contextual Advertising and Behavioral Targeting.

Social Media Marketing is how you gain website traffic by means of social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and a lot more. Email Marketing is a way of getting traffic by sending messages to a group of people. Sending advertisements, business requests, soliciting of sales or donations can be counted at Email Marketing. Referral Marketing is a systematic way to spread the word by informing, promoting and rewarding visitors. This action might need high supervision and tracking. Content Marketing refers to any marketing tactic that may involve creating and sharing of published contents such as blog, videos, photos, info graphics, news, case studies and a whole lot more.

Pay Per Click is where advertisers are paying the publishers when their advertisements are being clicked on their websites. Cost Per Impression is almost the same as Pay Per Click except the advertisers pay the publisher every time their advertisements are being displayed on their site. The publisher gets paid for posting the advertisement.

Content writers and providers and webmasters started optimizing sites for search engines during 1990s. They submitted the URLs of different websites to search engines that would provide ranking and extracting links. Eventually, site owners have realized the importance of having their sites ranked and be visible in search engines.

Search Engine Optimization is basically, just giving your website searchable and appropriate keywords and putting it into search engines for users and visitor to access your webpage and if you would like, earn money from it.

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization also known, as SEO is a process of accumulating traffic from natural search results on search engines. All the webpages and all other substances or content in the Internet like videos are being ranked based on what most of the major search engines regard most searched and most significant to the Internet users. Top search engines are Yahoo!, Google and Bing.

Search Engine Optimization may count different variety of searches such as video, academic, news, images, local, international and a lot more searches. Basically, the more repeatedly a site or content appears on the search results list, it will likely receive more visitors from the Internet or search engine users. SEO may help a website with its traffic and promotion but it does not mean it is applicable to every website out there, sometimes it depends on the site owner’s goals. There are a lot more Internet marketing strategies out there anyway, the owner should first look for what’s best for his or her site and then choose one after. If it’s SEO that could help their website then they should look for a trusted Search Engine Optimizer.

SEO regards how search engines such as Yahoo! and Google work, what keywords and terms are usually searched by the users and which of the many search engines are preferred by the visitors. Another accomplishment of getting an SEO for your website would promoting and could boost the number of your backlinks. Although SEO may produce sufficient return on investment or ROI, still search engines are not getting paid for natural listings or search traffic, when the numbers change, there are no assurance of continued sponsoring or referral. Therefore, a website owner must not just depend on Search Engine Optimization or else, he or she might end up losing a lot when the search engines discontinue to send out web visitors.

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Search Engine Optimization Companies

So you are asking, who should we trust with our website traffic? Here is a list of some of the best Search Engine Optimization companies as of May 2013 (according to

Netmark (Idaho)

–  An interactive marketing company that offers a scientific way to Internet arrangements.

– Has 5 million USD and above as their total revenue

– Areas of specialization: SEO, Pay Per Click Management, Social Media Marketing and Web Development

Higher Visibility (Tennessee)

– Offers different variety of Internet marketing help from Search Engine Optimization to Pay Per Click marketing and Web Designing.

-Have Mercedes Dealers, Toyota Dealers and Allure Bridals as their major clients.

SEO (Pennsylvania)

-Provides all out solutions for different genres of businesses

-Areas of specialization: SEO, SMO or Social Media Optimization, Pay Per Click services and Web Development

-Focused on giving out quality services and satisfies customers

Geary LSF Group (California)

-Areas of specialization: SEO, PPC marketing and Web Design

-Has more than 10 million USD of total revenue

180 Fusion (California)

-Run by a team of great software and Internet administrators.

-Has more than 10 million USD of total revenue

-Have LaVida Massage Franchises, IraLexus and IGN as their major clients

Lead to Conversation (Ohio)

-Specializes in Search Engine Optimization, Pay per click marketing, Conversion Optimization and Social Media Marketing

-Has more than 500 thousand USD of total revenue

Perfect Search Media (Illionois)

-Refers a data driven approximation of developed search engine promotion to create and contend with traffic such as SEO, SMO and content advertising

-Has a total of 2,999,999 USD of total revenue

Connelly Digital (Massachusetts)

-Specializes in Internet Marketing, Web Development and Online advertising

-Has Massachusetts Office of Travel and Tourism, Bentley University and California Paints as major clients

-Has over 10 million USD of total revenue

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Affordable Search Engine Optimization

The companies given above may offer the best Search Engine Optimization services and you will surely get good results in no time but the question is: Would it be affordable for someone who is just starting out? Well, the companies they are servicing are big companies with names written in our cars and homes but where can you get affordable SEO services? Here is where!


Mainstreethost’s main goal is to provide quality services that would satisfy a customer’s expectations. They offer SEO services and can help you with achieving fast paced results, increasing traffic and get more sales. They create effective websites that people would want to look at and visit and search engines can easily track and see.

Before starting our and giving you the service that you want, Mainstreethost will first research the industry of your business, your toughest competition and the keywords the we’ll be using. After that, they will set it up and would just update you with your website’s traffic.

Here are the services that they offer:

  • Initial Web Consultation
  • Keyword Research
  • Content Writing
  • Setup and equipping of Google Analytics or Google and Bing Webmaster Tools
  • Ranking, status and traffic reports and follow-ups.


Focused on achieving their clients’ goals and specializes in different fields in web optimization and Internet marketing.

Services hat they offer:

  • Content Writing
  • Article Writing
  • Meta Description
  • Article Rewriting
  • Keyword Research
  • On-page SEO and Off-page SEO
  • Posting of contents for the right readers.

Online Reputation Management

Handles the publicity of your website and provides positive reviews. If negative reviews come your way then they make sure it gets eliminated and out of your website’s system.

Social Media Marketing

Nothing is better than post where your possible target market can reach you, which is at social media sites.

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Search Engine Optimization Tools

There are different Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tools ranging form paid SEO tools to Do-It-Yourself webmasters. Here are some:

Similar Package Checker

  • Determines the similarity of two webpages

Backlink Anchor Text Analysis

  • Settles the linked text of your backlinks and links back to your website

Backlink Builder

  • Helps to get a lot of back-links.

Backlink Summary

  • Basically a report on your competitors backlinks

Keyword Density Checker

  • Extracts text like a search engine would probably do and remove common keywords

Link Price Calculator

  • Determines the amount that you should be paying for or charging for every month

Keyword Suggestions Tool

  • Determines important and popular keywords related to you website

URL Rewriting Tool

  • Converts vigorous URLs into a more immobile HTML URLs

Website Keyword Suggestions

  • Determines the theme of your website and gives out keyword suggestions

Free Firefox Extensions

  • SEO Toolbar
  • Searches for competitive data according to search results
  • Rank Checker Tracks your site’s ranking on all major search engines

Premium Firefox Extensions

  • Website Health Check
  • Checks SEO issues
  • Duplicate Content Checker

Premium SEO Tools

  • Local Rank
  • Finds top ranked Google pages and link to other top ranked result from other search engines
  • Hub Finder
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