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images taken from http://4.bp.blogspot.com/

images taken from http://4.bp.blogspot.com/

In today’s world, a website is much more than just a website – it is the identity of the organization that it belongs to. In a world that’s increasingly being drawn to the world of the web, having a strong presence there will really help your organization. For that, it’s important to build a good looking and classy website, and maintain and update it regularly. But web development can be a difficult task, one which is tedious, and often expensive if you plan to delegate it to somebody else. Also, if you’re a person with not too much of a background into the technicalities of web design and maintenance, you might have a hard time. You can find a lot of ‘offline’ web builders that help you build your website, such as Dreamweaver. You can find a wide variety of such software, and you can use them to your convenience. Along with that, the you now get a lot of software along with that are compatible with certain browsers. There are different software for different browsers, and they are customized for them. You can install them to support your browser and they can make certain aspects of web designing really easy for you. Making a website has a lot of aspects which are related. For instance, you can want to customize the look of your website, or perhaps remove a bug from your website, or even do other regular maintenance work on your website. There are different software that are used to all these functions. These different software have a particular browser that they function on properly, and hence choosing the right software for your browser becomes really important.

Chrome Web Developer Tools

Chrome is the newest web developer on the market, and it has very quickly assumed a huge lead over all its counter parts. Its strategy is simple – keep it simple. It is really easy to use and that has won the favour of the people. But this doesn’t keep the developers away does it. Chrome was smart to have a lot of extensions that were really helpful to the developers. Firebug Lite is one such extension that helps you to make changes to and monitor the HTML and CSS live on any webpage you’re working on. Another cool toolbar that you can install on your chrome is the Domain Availability Checker. It helps you to straight away type in the name of the domain and check its availability. It’s rather simple, but pretty cool and convenient! Similarly, you have another such simple but useful software, the Lorem Ipsum generator that helps you generate dummy text for your website. Another real cool software is the IE Tab. You can only visit some websites with Internet Explorer, and the IE Tab is really cool that way. It helps you open an IE tab on Google Chrome and visit the webpage, without even opening Internet Explorer! If you’re a little advanced, then you might find use in Speed Tracer and Pendule which help in accessing a lot of complicated options on the web design domain.

images taken from http://images.thetechstuff.com/

images taken from http://images.thetechstuff.com/

Eclipse Web Developer Tools

Eclipse is one of the most popular software development tools that is used today. You have a space that you can work within and along with that, you have a lot of plugins that you can install and customize things according to your needs. The thing about eclipse though, is that it is not limited to web design – it can perform a lot of other functions and help in creating a lot of other software. There are certain plug ins that are specific to web design in eclipse, but there are others that you can modify and code accordingly to help you in your web designing activities as well. You also have an eclipse web tools platform which has a lot of web development tools that are suited to all your specific needs. Findbugs and Jadclipse are both exceptional programs in their own right, and they help you to find bugs and disassemble class files from third party libraries, respectively.


Safari Web Developer Tools

Safari is Apple’s browser, and hence this helps in creating and editing websites in the Mac OS. Among its finest web developer tools is the Develop Menu, which is not a tool in itself, but a compilation of a large number of tools that you can use for debugging and to edit your website. Another such important tool is the Web Inspector. Here you get access to a very rich set of developer tools, and they have a neat interface which makes your work much, much easier. The extension builder is also pretty famous, because it helps you build extensions. The  entire process is really easy and you can use your web inspector to help you in building and debugging the extension you desire.

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