Wedding Dresses

Wedding is one of those cherished moments of one’s life that holds a special place for the bride, the groom and related families and friends. Everyone wants to enjoy this day to make it a memorable one. Wedding occasions include the oath ceremony and the reception party. Everyone in the party is excited about the various wedding dresses they would be flaunting in these events.

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While white is a common color worn by bride on her wedding day, many brides like to experiment with other lighter shades of color as well. Evening reception party dresses are more dramatic and modern as compared with the wedding gown. Bridesmaids usually choose shades of pale blue, lemon yellow or light pink gowns for their dresses.

One cannot decide which dress should be worn for wedding party can be the best one as mostly the dresses need to be decided upon individual shapes, body types and personalities. It depends whether the people wearing the dresses are petite woman or tall women. The overall look also depend upon the body build of them as that of slender or plus size women. One must also go by personal choice, as wedding is one precious day and one must fulfill what they desire to wear.

Bridal wedding dresses

The bridal wedding dresses can be decided based on various factors. Based on personal choice as well as complementary element, dresses can be of varying length, colors  designs etc.  One can decide upon this dress by the shape of their body. Some body shapes may be categorized into hourglass shape, pear shape, rectangle shape or triangle shape.

For experimenting on the color of the bridal wedding dresses, one can try little changes to the classic white gown with different colored laces, colored accessories etc. Some even try for full experimentation with going for different colored gown such as blue, pink, champagne etc. For lengths, the ideal classic choices for these dresses remain the long gown with trails that sweep the floor. But, for a petite woman one can experiment with mid length or even shorter ones.

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When body shapes are the deciding factor, an hourglass shaped body with shoulders and hips being broad with slim waist, one needs to select such bridal wedding dresses that don’t have much sophistication or bulk in the broader areas. When women have triangular shaped body with broader shoulder as compared with the hips, one can wear ball gowns to make a perfect proportionate look. Pear shaped bodies are those that have broader hips than the shoulders, one can wear such bridal wedding dresses that draw attention to the neck and cover the broader hips. For rectangular body shapes with both shoulder and hips being broad, one can wear such wedding dresses that get narrow in the lower part.

Wedding gowns

There are many designs of wedding gowns that people select, some being the classic choice while others being in trend. Some of the various styles are mermaid or fishtail, empire waist style, A-line dress, sheaths etc.

The mermaid or fishtail wedding gowns are one of the classic styles with a trailing train and fits the body like that of a mermaid. It is an elegant choice for women to have fairy tale like wedding dresses. The empire waist is characterized by tight bust line such that the busts appear bigger and the draws away attention from other parts where the fabric mostly falls straight. A-line wedding gowns are tighter at the top and gradually flares at the bottom just like the shape of letter ‘A’. Women who have broader hips can wear this kind of dress to drape proportionately around their bodies. Sheaths are one of the classic gowns that end above the knees; they are used to worn by people to flatter their beautiful body shape or legs. These are tight fitting dresses.

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Some trending styles that are quite used to flatter women’s beauty are laces being used in wedding gowns. Laces are a perfect addition to add the fairy look. Some of them are are throughout made with laces with intricate details of embroidery. Other stylish look can be achieved by wearing gowns with asymmetry in their design. For example, one side of the gown being shorter than the other or one sided necks can be beautiful in bringing an edge to the bridal attire.

Thus, wedding dresses need a lot of efforts in designing the perfect attires that suits one’s personality. People have various wedding venues or themes which can also be kept in mind while designing these attires. A perfect dress must flatter the bride as well as be comfortable for walking.

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